SMART Scribe

Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice that they may not have had before.

About Smart Scribe

Product Features

  • Working with APP - write in the papar, save in the App
  • High precision, supporting up to 100 pages paper thickness
  • One-key sharing to different social medias
  • Writing continuously more than 60 hours
  • Support 50 pages notes offline saving
  • Exporting in JPG, Characters,Formula, Chart.etc format.

Technical Features

SMART Scribe
Size 253*178*8.8mm
Inductive Type: electro-magnetic
Bluetooth: above BT4.2
Weight 346g
APP: EEwrite (Android and ios)

Desgin have a look

The SMART Scribe follows a very simple design. The majority of the space is taken by the massive A4 size cutout at the center.

To hold the paper in place the device comes with some high quality and sturdy paper clip. The paper clip also doubles as a pen holder and stores the stylus in the recessed space underneath it.

Quick Look

  • 1. Funcation Button: Create New Page
  • 2. Charging Indicator Light
  • 3. Hidden Reset Button
  • 4. Status Indicator Light
  • 5. Magnetic Charging Base


Unboxing: what you get in the box

Here are all the contents of the box.

  • Perfect Protection
  • Replaceable Pen Refill
  • Application Senarios
  • One Key Share